• Update: Due to recent galaxy s5 wallet world of warcraft gold and historical changes in Fedora, willnot be providing Gnome & Mono rpms for Fedora Core 5 and onwards.

    This change has been indian dating brought forward by the recent decision of Fedora to include the Mono stack in the next release, and the packagers' desire to further stem the duplication of effort that occurs on; aswell as the further synchronisation of the Gnome and Fedora release cycles and the political changes that have happened in Fedora

    As such, the nrpms team will focus on providing packages into Core and Extras directly and the use of rpm packages for all Fedora Core versions will be deprecated once FC5 is released.

    We would best lunch nyc like to thank all users, contributors and well-wishers for their support in the last five years

  • Welcome to!. Nrpms is a repository containing the latest and greatest GNOME rpms built for the latest stable Fedora Core release. We attempt to provide the (b)leading edge of GNOME software for each stable Fedora Core release.

  • Note: This is not an official Fedora Core or Extras Repository, and as such is not supported by paid surveys RedHat or the Fedora Community in general. We provide a where to buy fire brickmailing list for those who wish to ask questions and an FAQ page to answer some of the most common problems.

  • This repository depends on some packages from a best android flashlight app few other Fedora repositories. Namely, the DAG and FreshRPMS repositories (together as cheap website design judi bola online the RPMForge repository). Links to these repositories can be found iphone 5 phone cases in theLinks page. Note: DTI grants south africa auto glass repair az Complete compatibility isn't guaranteed at the moment, please post abug report if you spot a problem.


Matthew Hall - x86 & PPC
Renke Brausse - x86_64